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“This collection of stimulating conversations with innovation leaders will challenge your thinking. While the science of innovation can be found in textbooks, this work is about the art of innovation. Broad in sweep and rich in examples, it forces you join the dots from the themes that tangle and weave from conversation to conversation.

The intellectual reader will delight in the philosophical narrative that wraps the broad spectrum of views together. The valuable insights are simple yet instructive as they draw on years of experience in the field. This is a thoughtful and unique addition to the literature on innovation.”


Chief Executive Officer, Gateway Credit Union Ltd 

Hargraves Institute Anthology: Sharing Conversations

The Hargraves Institute Anthology: Sharing Conversations tells stories of connection, reflection, personal experience, innovation and change.

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Features stories of Juliet Chandler's conversations with:

Mike Baldwin, Annalie Killian, Jane Cockburn, Brandon Gien, Sam Bucolo, Lyndall Strachan, Andrew Wilson, Tess Julian, Mirjana Prica, J. André de Barros Teixeira, Angela Peverell, Bill Healey, Phil Preston, Julie Toma, Deborah-Ann Allan, Dan Liszka and Scott Bourke

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Events hosted by Talking Sticks. Conversations designed to evoke, provoke and inspire.  

The School of Life, featuring Conversation nights and classes on how to have better conversations (Sydney)

The Ethics Centre, encouraging rich dialogue about ethical issues through its events program

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